Welcome to an ultramodern, contemporary and advanced mode of institutional education system to manage education online and with remote learning for students.


YoFunDo LMS is a Technology-based Education Platform where schools/institutes can have a stable, robust, secure, personalized and digital educational system to run their academics and administration remotely and with ease and significantly improves the level and quality of education

It is an all-suite and fully customizable software solution that provides a Learning Management System for Schools/institutes. 

  • Simple, Modern, easy to use interface  

  • Institute own Software solution to manage its Academics and Administration.

  • Personalized and Exclusive branding. Fully customized with school logo, school name and other details

  • All-device complaint: Available on all devices like Desktop, Laptop and Mobile/Tablet.

  • Cloud-based highly scalable, secure, cost-effective software.

  • Unlimited Offline access to content

  • Another revenue stream option by accommodating higher-than-expected enrolments without an additional classroom or any physical infrastructure.

  • Cost effective with No Physical schoolbook policy.

What does YoFundo Do?

For School



 Centralized Learning: 

  • The entire content is available on the LMS that can be accessed by multiple users. These users can be students or teachers who can use the educational material once provided with access.


  • Replacement of physical schoolbook with online study material. Printing and distribution cost-saving option.

  • Online option is always an economically viable option for School to offer. This platform is based on Cloud technology which is always cost-effective. Pay as you use. Price reduces with scalability.

Effective Reporting and Tracking

  • Analyze teacher and Student’s performance. Various reportings to share with the Board of Directors to make information-based decisions. 

  • Secure software. Data security. All content, personal data, and statistics are securely stored on private cloud servers. Fully compliant with GDPR and similar regulations.

Another Revenue Stream

  • Accommodate higher-than-expected enrolments without an additional classroom. Another revenue stream from online education. 

For Student

  • Avoid long commute. Time-saving

  • Study at home comfort.

  • Create their own learning path.

  • Providing them different course combinations for microlearning.

  • Adjust their own pace of learning by unlimited revision

  • Unlimited Offline access to content

For Parents

  • Student performance gauge. 

  • Reduce transportation costs by avoiding students’ daily commute.

  • Internal stable chat system to limit or remove their kid's WhatsApp usage

For Teacher

  • The convenience of generating documents, animations, video, PPT, pdf with a one-time effort. Damage-proof educational resources.

  • Content variants according to need.

  • Easy-to-use software.

  • Student performance gauge. 

  • Content-creation sophisticated tools to give flexibility to teachers to create content.

  • Unlimited Offline access to content

We are serving more than

100000+ students, 500+ schools and 3000+ teachers

Start fast with YoFundo


Course Management System

Real-time and unlimited distribution of Study Material (document, lectures, videos, animations) with students.


Students can access a soft copy of the Study Material immediately. Access an entire library of study material on desktop, laptop, mobile & tablets.

Unlimited Offline access to content



Assignment management System

Time-bound (Subject-wise, Chapter-wise, and Class-wise) assignment to students. Share and collaborate. Teacher grades, comments and notify students. Study assignment-wise Student's performance

Assessment Management System

Institutes can provide time-based practice tests/Quiz/Assessment (MCQ) to students. Question bank with a full solution. Testing and results can be reduced to one day instead of several days. Adaptive assessment. Mixed question-type quiz.


Live engagement

Parent / Teachers / Admin / Student can chat with each other. Share their feedback weekly about the learning experiences. Forum, Topic-wise discussion. Doubt clarification. 


Real-time notice board

Individual notice, Notice to all, Group notice to Students / Parents / Teachers / Admin / class-wise as requirement. Mobile app notification and email notification for Periodic timetable, Exam timetable, Academic schedule. Parents can be notified of learner’s progress at any time or via notifications



Student performance tracking, Course completion report, Teacher and Student report, Attendance report, Live logs, Pie charts, Advanced LMS reporting. 

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Mobile learning

With free YoFundo Learn applications for iOS and Android, learners can study when and where they want to, and even save courses to their devices to take them offline.

NextGen (XPLearn)

XPLearn use YoFundo LMS for end-to-end solution.

Eklavya Learning, Coaching Institute

Eklavya Learning manages coaching remotely with help of yofundo.

Virtual Classroom integrated

Online classroom with Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom

Set up live teacher-student communication with screen sharing and chats right in YoFundo. Available from any device and recorded in HD-format to share.

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