1. Study Material : Real-time and unlimited distribution of Study Material (

branch-wise and semester-wise ) with students. Student can access soft

copy of Study Material immediately on their mobile.

2. Real time notice : Individual notice , Notice to all , Group notice to

Students / Parents / Teachers / Admin / Branch-wise and semesterwise.

Notification can go to one batch parents / students too.

3. Assignment : Subject-wise , Chapter-wise and Class-wise assignment to


4. School can provide time-based practice test ( MCQ ) to students . School

can distribute old question paper with students. Aptitude preparation for BE

students & Interview Question.

5. Parent can chat with Admin / Teacher. Student can chat with Teacher.

Student can chat with his classmate.

6. Timetable (Branch-wise and semester-wise) , Exam timetable , academic


7. Student can edit profile like profile pic. Display his/her profile.

What are the features of YoEdu ?
What does YoEdu provide to Student ?

1. Students study and revise on the go anytime and anywhere.

2. Students can give as many real-time tests ( Chapter-wise test , Subjectwise test, Full-length test) as possible with 100% flexibility and at his convenience. Get test score immediately. This product provides unlimited study material, points to remember, problems and their solutions etc.


3. Doubt clarification from teacher.

1. Parent can get real-time notification about fee payment etc.

2. Parent can chat with teacher / admin .


1. Teachers can also interact with student on chat.


1. Admin can upload Study Material, Assignment, Question Paper , Multiple

Choice Questions as per their convenience through webapp.

2. Send real-time notice to one and all .


Benefits to the School / Universities

1. Time and money saving : They don’t need to print their study material,

assignment, question papers , notice etc.

2. Easy and seamless communication tool.

3. Provide good material for job interview to Students.


Characteristics of YoEdu

1. YoEdu is lightweight, kick-ass UI/UX, performance-centric, intuitive.

2. Compatible with 2G/3G

3. Memory-efficient product.

4. Cloud based data for easy and quick access.

5. Secure app